We perform networks registration, installation and maintenance of lines and devices for Basic Telephony Network (RTB), in addition to projects and implementation of optical fiber networks for all features and technologies, metallic network, constructions by the destructive method (DM) and non-destructive method (NDM), broad band (ADSL) and Pay TV via Satellite (DTH).

Elaboração e implantação de redes:

  • optical fiber for all features and technologies
  • metallic network
  • ADSL and DTH technology
  • channeling
  • DM and NDM constructions

We operate in all steps of the process, from site acquisition, including construction design, to licensing of transmitting and repeater stations for mobile telephony, in turnkey contract.

We also develop the construction of central units, with supply of the entire power system (AC and DC), motor generator group and air conditioning.

We also have indoor coverage solutions, sharing between telephone companies, upgrade to new technologies and implementation of site survey.

We perform operation and maintenance of mobile telephony sites and telephone units, having as scope the preventive, corrective and emergency maintenances, data switching and transmission, power equipment, generator group (GMG), air conditioning (of all kinds), uninterruptible power supply (UPS or nobreak), batteries, rectifiers, among others.

Sistemas de telecomunicações:

  • transmitting and repeater stations of mobile telephony of civil works
  • electric power (AC and DC)
  • motor generator group
  • air conditioning
  • indoor coverage solutions
  • sharing between telephone companies
  • upgrade of new technologies and execution of site survey

We implement radio frequency projects involving CDMA, 3G, GSM and 4G (LTE) equipment. We do infrastructure adequacy of civil, electrical and mechanical works.

We perform control and integrated operations of call center and interconnection of data communication equipment, in addition to implementation of backbones, optical rings and trunks to increase traffic capacity of transmission networks.

We provide services for implementation and adequacy of infrastructure for equipment installation, expansion of telephone central units and SDH, PDW, MUX, DWDM systems, such as raking, gutters, ducts and racking, installation and testing of radio links, optical modem, switch and routers.

Engenharia de rádio frequência envolvendo:

  • works: civil, electrical and mechanical
  • control and operation: call center
  • interconnection: data communication equipment
  • backbone: industry research
  • optical rings and trunks: expand the traffic capacity of transmission networks

We offer solutions for telecommunications networks and systems from planning to implementation, including the construction, installation and maintenance of these projects.

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